Albertina Kerr’s Children’s Crisis Psychiatric Care Facility

For more than 100 years, Albertina Kerr has offered a continuum of mental health services for Oregon’s children, adolescents, and their families. By serving our communities with the consistent values of compassion, commitment, collaboration, and advocacy, Albertina Kerr was able to help nearly 700 individuals and families just last year.

Albertina Kerr’s Crisis Psychiatric Care facility provides children and adolescents with a short-term residential placement and 24-hour access to mental health professionals for children experiencing urgent mental health crises. Their intensive, one-on-one work in this facility increases the likelihood that:

  • Children in crisis quickly stabilize and return safely and successfully to the community.
  • Children learn skills to stay safe, preserve relationships, and are successful at home and school.
  • The adults in the child’s life are supported in understanding, planning for, and meeting the child’s needs, and feel connected to and supported by their community.

Support from the B.U.L.L. Session allows Albertina Kerr to continue providing these vital services, and to raise awareness of mental health issues for children and families in need.

Gales Creek Camp Foundation

Kids with type 1 diabetes are at risk for a host of serious, sudden, and long-term complications, including anxiety and depression. The physical challenges of being a type 1 diabetic are hard, but the emotional and social challenges can really take a toll.

Gales Creek Camp is a place of true belonging. A place where children and teenagers with type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes from all over the Pacific Northwest can relax and have fun, while connecting with other kids who live with the same challenges. Studies have proven that the positive, nurturing, unifying environment of summer camp makes a difference in outcomes across the board, from healthier bodies to healthier minds. Gales Creek campers carry their memories and their friendships with them for the rest of their live. And, hopefully, have been inspired to take care of themselves, and each other, and to live life to the fullest.

Support from the B.U.L.L. Session allows the Gales Creek Camp Foundation to continue providing children and teenagers with impactful, fulfilling and, at times, life-changing camp experiences.

March of Dimes

Too many babies are born too soon. Premature birth is a serious problem that threatens the lives of nearly 400,000 babies each year in the United States and 15 million globally. That’s why March of Dimes regularly funds new research to find the causes of premature birth – and develop ways to prevent it.

Since being founded in 1938, March of Dimes has tackled, and solved, complex health issues facing moms, babies and families. They aim to make premature birth their next breakthrough, and to ensure that every baby has a fighting chance. March of Dimes also helps families cope with the challenges of having a critically ill newborn, whether due to prematurity or a birth defect.

Support from the B.U.L.L. Session helps March of Dimes in its mission to improve the quality of maternity care and high-risk pediatric care for all pregnant women and newborns in Oregon and SW Washington, and to work with women to reduce the known risk factors that lead to preterm birth.

Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland celebrates more than 90 years of providing compassionate healthcare to the children throughout the Pacific Northwest and remains dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing specialty care, conducting innovative research, and offering outstanding healthcare teaching programs.

The Portland Shriners Hospital focuses on a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions, from fractures to rare diseases and syndromes. Services include inpatient and outpatient surgery; physical, occupational and speech therapy; orthotics and prosthetics; outpatient clinics; low radiation EOS Imaging System, and a motion analysis center. All services are provided in a family-centered environment, regardless of the families’ ability to pay.

Support from the B.U.L.L. Session allows Shriners – Portland to continue their mission of providing expert care to children.

Swindells Resource Center at Providence Child Center

Learning your child has special needs, developmental delays or disabilities is life changing, isolating and scary. Where do I go from here? What do I do next? Located at Providence Child Center and Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Swindells Resource Center supports parents and caregivers of these children.

The kind and compassionate staff at Swindells know firsthand what parents and caregivers are going through. With the free resources, information, and education provided by Swindells, parents throughout Oregon and SW Washington gain the knowledge and confidence they need to be the best advocates for their child. Swindells also works to connect families, caregivers, and others to information and training through a vast lending library, educational events, support services, classes, and referral guidance.

Support from the B.U.L.L. Session allows Swindells to make over 50,000 points of contact, distribute nearly 1,000 care notebooks, and educate more than 9,000 people at free or low-cost events each year.

Wheel to Walk Foundation

Wheel to Walk began as a Christmas Luncheon, raising $400 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It has since flourished into a standalone non-profit organization focused on purchasing medical & adaptive equipment and therapy services for children with special needs.

Too often insurance doesn’t cover many of the items that are necessary for children and teens with special needs to be able to thrive and be their best selves. Items such as therapy tricycles, adaptive strollers, shower chairs, pumper cars, zip zac chairs, selective communication devices, gait trainers, speech therapy, and wheelchairs, to name a few. Wheel to Walk strongly believes that no child or young adult with special needs should go without items that could improve the quality of their daily life.

Support from the B.U.L.L. Session allows the Wheel to Walk Foundation to continue providing equipment and services to individuals in need (under the age of 20) throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California.

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